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  • Sunday, September 21, 2008

    Finally I got my Singapore PR... Congrats!

    This PR only brought me more pressure than before... The moment I read the letter, I realized the risk of coming back here is real... I am here for real... No more turning back... I shouldn't procrasinate any further, time to face the truth... Head Down, Butt Up... Either I kick ass, or I get my ass kicked.

    Been on the job for 3months, in a way things are getting smoother but at the same time,I do drop the balls as well... Haiz... I dream about my job, on weekend I think about my job... Is it necessary? Perhaps this shows I am not competent yet at my work. Indeed I am not... And sometimes the way people do things, the reluctance to take up responsibility and be solution-focused, really really got me wonder... I understand we all try to protect our butt, but that's not the way. Anyways, I learnt!

    On my way back from singapore, suddenly this thought struck me...
    Is it better to be loved than to love? Am I courageous enough to continue seeking the one who would capture my heart, in hope he'd love me in return? OR I should settle down for one of those that fell for me? As I continue to age with the accelerated depreciation rate, would I be able fight the curse of an old maid?